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Here are 10 ways how you feel about yourself affects your relationships:1. Giphy Becoming self-confident allows you to be assertive, ask for what you want and set limits on what you don't want. Giphy When your self-esteem is not high enough, you'll be too anxious to please and you'll hide your own thoughts and feelings to avoid disagreements.

That includes asking for a commitment if that's what you're after! Your partner may not know who you really are, and, as a result, you'll be unable to resolve interpersonal conflicts.

According to Kuriansky, sharing secrets or things you are ashamed about with your partner can be helpful in establishing a feeling of security and intimacy.

Self-disclosure is fundamental to a healthy relationship and can enhance your confidence in each other.

From experience, I learned that true confidence isn’t exactly flashy—and won’t necessarily be obvious unless you know what you’re looking for.

In fact, sometimes it’s easier to identify a deeply confident man by what he do, rather than what he does do. Don’t get me wrong—some games will always play a part in relationships. But there’s a difference between innocent, coy flirting, and actively manipulating your girlfriend’s mind.

Improve your self-confidence and your confidence level in your relationship by following a few simple steps. Having a sense of self-worth makes you more attractive to your partner. Whether you make a change to your physical appearance and get a new haircut, learn a new activity or take up a new sport, putting forth effort to boost your confidence will help build your confidence within your relationship. Don't try to completely merge with your partner, which can destroy your sense of self.

According to psychologist Sol Gordon, in his book "How Can You Tell If You're Really in Love? Similarly, do fun and enjoyable activities with your partner.

What would happen if you began telling yourself the truth? Giphy It's important in any relationship to be able to express what you need. Giphy The better you feel about yourself, the less you'll worry about what others think of you.

Ed., LMFT, from Relationship Reality 312, Inc., being with someone who is truly confident “can make us feel happy and self-confident, too.”Indeed, I believe that confidence is one of the most undervalued, and misunderstood qualities in a man.

But as we grew closer, I realized his confidence was actually very broken—the snarky humor was really just a cover for his wounds, a way to protect his ego.

Ashley Miller is a licensed social worker, psychotherapist, certified Reiki practitioner, yoga enthusiast and aromatherapist.

She has also worked as an employee assistance program counselor and a substance-abuse professional.

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But did you know that low self-esteem can actually harm your relationship?

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