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I also go by total economy of coastal areas and I include all economic activities occurring in a coastal area.These activities include everything from marine transportation and commercial fishing to banking and home construction.The retired registered nurse recruited two women friends from Delmar who were in the same book club: Peg Donovan and Sandra Alinger, both retired schoolteachers.They spread the word around town, got some guidance from the national organization and held their inaugural meeting in May.To their astonishment, 73 women showed up and each gave a 0 check.They presented a ,300 donation to the charity chosen, the Donna Crandall Foundation, which supports patients and families being treated for cystic fibrosis at Albany Medical Center. "We know how to get things done." The women range in age from their 30s to their 70s.Watch the clip broadcast that night throughout upstate New York.

I’m a subset of the total economy and include things like commercial fishing, marine transportation, and ship and boat building.Both of these economies—economic production at the coast and the more narrowly defined ocean and Great Lakes-dependent economy—have significant interrelated policy implications. At Rochester's first Senior Speed Dating event in the ballroom of Mario's Via Abruzzi, 15 men and 15 women went searching for love as a reporter from YNN looked on.Or do you prefer policies that focus on preserving the functions and services of the ecosystems of the coasts, oceans, and Great Lakes?Want to know how many people depend on the oceans and Great Lakes for work and how conflicts between uses of these resources could impact the economy?

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